Introducing DJ & Rapper Yungstar 63

Straight out of the tri-state area, Yungstar 6’3 returns with his seventh mixtape release, 22. Young and relentless, the 22 year old New York native’s latest release captures his audience with infectious beats and entrancing lyricism that are refreshingly unique to today’s music scene. The “Live your life, make it happen, and do what you’ve got to do” message personally portrayed in this mixtape brings an authentic and genuine light relatable to the hip hop culture. Songs such as “Get Up and Go Get it”, along with “Nothings Promised”, are only a fraction of the pieces that paint the masterpiece of musical influence Yungstar 6’3 is implementing to the listener.

Yungstar 63 was born and raised in Greenburgh, New York by his grandparents. With little exposure to music aside from church hymnals and praises, Yungstar developed a passion for music influenced by legends such as B.I.G., Busta Rhymes, Outkast, UGK, Snoop and Puff. He began writing his own music at the age of thirteen and experimenting as a DJ since he was eleven. At age 16, Yungstar was given the chance to perform as a rapper in front of prominent hip hop DJ and music producer, DJ Chuck Chillout. The music mogul recognized the young artist’s talent and took him on as his protégé, helping mold him and elevate him to the artistic status he has reached now.

With singles playing on radio stations such as 98.7 KISS FM in New York, Yungstar 63’s presence and music are becoming viral on the hip hop scene. He has already established a substantial following base on various social media networks. Yungstar is projected to release two additional mixtapes by the end of summer 2013. One mixtape will include his work as a DJ as well as other neighboring artists from his home state. Recently graduating from the University of Hartford CT with a degree in Marketing, he continues to DJ as well as promote through his crew’s promotion company TFYS.

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