“Another Nigga’s N*****” Get to know Atlanta based rapper T=H@tti



Atlanta, GA


Atlanta based rapper, T-Hatti, is here to infect your speakers with a sound that is so different, you can’t help but hit repeat. Inspired by a wide variety of genres of music, T-Hatti has invented a flow that is refreshingly unique, and hooks listeners with an infusion of all different styles of music.  “I don’t like sounding the same. You’re never going to hear the same style, topic, or sound. It’s always going to be off the wall,” says T-Hatti about his work as an artist. Buzz has hit social media networks over some of his latest pieces. His most recently released single, “Scarred for Life”, is a powerful display of the things that have shaped him as both a person and an artist over time. “Another Nigga’s N*****” is a more controversial piece that identifies the stigma of how one African American looks at another. Most of his lyrics are basically written in a freestyle fashion, which alludes to the rawness of his sound.

T-Hatti was born in Louisville, Kentucky. However, he spent a good part of his youth in Gainesville, Florida as well. Growing up surrounded by music, he was inspired by a variety of artists such as Michael Jackson, Erykha Badu, Busta Rhymes, and Mystikal. His cousins, local Gainesville artists Fly Heero and A Junya, were some closer influences that opened him up to his path as an artist. His engaging stage presence and passionate lyricism are just a few of the things that define T-Hatti as a true performer. He is currently working on two projects. One is “A Portrait on the Wall”, which is a collaborative work with his cousin, a musician by the name of Lyriq. A second collaborative project is in the works with Gainesville artists Grown Ass Kids. The audience can be sure to expect solid music with a different sound on each track. T-Hatti currently has two mixtapes out and two EPs “Cheer Emotion” and “Color N Definition” available online. To find out more you can go to thtti.bandcamp.com.

-Jessica Rafaeil


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