Innovation plus Philadelphia equals Ron Dash!

Ron Dash

Ron Dash

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Ron Dash, an innovative artist in Philadelphia, brings creativity and eccentricity to the Hip Hop turntables. From house parties to night club’s and VIP, this music pops the champagne and sets fire to the dance floor. With the explosion of electronic dance music, Ron Dash has taken on an electro feel while rapping over funky beats you can’t help but get up and dance to. Any Dash song is guaranteed to bring the party to life. Ron Dash has established a name for himself as an artistic entrepreneur by exploring the world of photography and design, leading to his most recent conquest of music making over the past two years.

Dash was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland but moved to Philly to attend Drexel University. His inspirations and influence vary from Jay-Z and Dipset, to Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. Being surrounded by an environment filled with college students, young professionals, and a thick party scene, he has been able to effectively create a style of music to curb the appetite of those seeking sick beats with laid back rhymes.

When asked about what triggers this kind of musical inspiration, Ron Dash says, “It’s the different scenes here in Philly… being out and watching people perform in venues where the speakers are bigger than the people and it’s just really loud. The energy from being in that kind of environment makes me want to come back and write songs that evoke that same sort of energy.”

Some of his singles include “Dash with Me”, “Make You Famous”, and “Gold”. Each song is eclectically unique, but they all set you up with a party vibe.  Ron Dash has collaborated, and continues to work with 5th Quarter Productions and music producer Danny Newport, as well as rapper and producer Tom Charles, out of the south Philly area. He is currently working on multiple projects, as well as the release of a mix tape that will include a compilation of different sounds. His music can be found at and YouTube.  You can also check out some of his work at his web page,


-Jessica Rafaeil


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