Georgia Boy, In the mix since 99′



Atlanta, GA

Triple threat, GB, may be producing songs out of Atlanta, but his sound is extracted from the roots of Southern hip hop all across the southeast. Over the course of the past several years, GB has proven himself as not only an engineer and producer but as a rapper as well. Despite being born and raised in Atlanta, GB’s style of music stems from many influences which include Texas groups UGK, Geto Boys, and Screwed Up Click, to Alabama’s Dirty Boyz and Tennessee’s Tommy Wright III and Playa Fly. These influences are evident in the ‘sip and lean’ vibe that some of his musical works give off. His dedication started and still remains in the underground southern hip hop scene, rather than more mainstream artists.  Nevertheless, he has maintained a versatile sound from both his beats to his raps.

GB, which is short for Georgia Boy, has been mixing music since 1999, when he was able to get his hands on his first MPC 2000. The beat to spark his interest in music was ‘Tear the Club Up’ by popular Tennessee group 36 Mafia. After years of creating beats and tracks for other underground artists, he began to experiment as a lyricist and rapper. He has done a number of local shows on his own and has received excellent attention and feedback as a performer. However, his passion and his drive come from the production and engineering aspect of music. GB is currently working on an array of projects. His own camp, BPMG, includes artists Nato Dimez, Versatility, Kap, and Dezzy Dot Millz to name just a few. He is also currently working with T-Hatti and Lyriq on their most recent project which he hints is going to be something incredible.

When it comes to music making, GB offers smart guidance for those who are up and coming in the industry,

“When it comes to making music like that don’t look for a hit… just keep on making good music. If you look for a hit, you will be a one hit wonder.  Build a fan base, and a true following. Go out and do shows, and network. Don’t let anybody steer you wrong or pull you away from what you’ve been through. This game is real hard, especially if you look for a hit.”

“Drunk Love”, “The Real Is Back”, and “Ima Get Mine” are some of his featured singles that you can find and download at His music videos, including the ‘trippy’ single “Good & Gone” can be viewed on YouTube.

-Jessica Rafaeil


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