Hip-Hop heads dream about music like this!

AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly

Greenburgh, New York

@AJ Rockafeller @Monopaly

AJ Rockafeller & Monopaly

<Greenburgh, New York> AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly step onto the scene to bring Hip Hop heads exactly what they have been anticipating. With the recent release of their first official project, “For What It’s Worth”, they have received the kind of feedback that locks in their position in the independent music stream. With the reflection of smooth beats and a conscious flow, the collaboration of this dynamic duo resulted in a musical masterpiece.

Growing up in Greenburgh, New York, AJ Rockafeller and Monopaly met early on in high school. Through a mutual interest in music and a common talent, they decided to pursue their passions alongside one another. They have mastered a sound that appeals to a vast audience. Both artists are heavily influenced by the 90’s hip hop music that crowded the streets of New York during their youth. They draw inspiration from artists like Nas, Biggie, Puff, Mase and Mary J Blige to as far as rock legends like Journey and Pink Floyd.

“We really tapped into that 90’s era [sound], but we tried to make it as modern as possible”, says Rockafeller about “For What It’s Worth”.

Respiration2k12, the first single off of the mix tape, uses an original record by Blackstar and Common. The single shows off their advanced lyricism in a fashion that appeals to a more contemporary audience, while respecting the original recording and providing something that an older audience can connect with. Other singles include freestyles on covered tracks that express Rockafeller and Monopaly’s musical genius. “For What It’s Worth” can be heard and downloaded at http://4wiw.bandcamp.com/album/for-what-its-worth.


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