Turn up the volume and listen!

Dirty Funk (Artwork)

Educated Hustlers

Tallahassee, Florida



<tallahassee, fl=””> Turn up the volume and listen! Educated Hustlers have stepped up with something to say. Bringing a whole new sound and a whole new message to lyrical hip hop, Educated Hustlers have just released their newest single, “Dirty Funk” featuring the legendary Pastor Troy. The first single off the highly anticipated “Southern Fried” mix tape stays true to its word with a beat that makes you bounce as it rattles your trunk. “Dirty Funk” is true to its southern roots, but it’s a sound that will resonate all over the nation.

The Educated Hustlers include three talented guys, J.Wright (FL), Clu (NY), and Timbo (FL), who are currently based out of Tallahassee, Florida. The trio met a few years back during their studies at FAMU and decided to collaborate their talents to produce the kind of music our generation is starving for. The Educated Hustlers create music for the masses, and topics that anyone can relate to. While relaying a positive message to “perfect your craft and do what you love”, they speak to those working 9-5’s, studying, partying, or just grinding to get by.

Educated Hustlers have released previous works such as “Pause”, “The System”, and “Mo’ Fire”, all of which display the consistent message of overcoming adversity and penetrating positivity through the pollution in the airwaves. Their professionalism and lyrical intelligence are clear and evident in every piece of work that they produce. The Educated Hustlers aren’t going anywhere, especially after “Dirty Funk”. You can watch their videos on YouTube and download their music on Sound Cloud. You can also find a collection of their work and biographies at www.educatedhustlers.com

Stay tuned for the video interview.


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