The highly anticipated “Kool Aid N 2K” [Mixtape]


Summer 2013 music releases kick off with “Kool Aid N 2K”. The highly anticipated eighth mix tape release from New York’s Yungstar 6’3, “Kool Aid N 2K”, is finally here with an unexpected twist. Although Yungstar, who is both a DJ and rapper, is known for his unique artistic stamp on his works and releases, he is releasing this tape with a different approach. This time, Yungstar chose to work with industry beats to prove to both himself and his audience that although he stands firm with his own sound, he is capable of accomplishing a sound that is just as appealing as what is being played on the radio by mainstream artists.

“It was more of a pride thing for me. I wanted to prove it to myself, and to other people, not only can I do the industry sound but I can probably deliver it better than your favorite artist.”- Yungstar 6’3

The mix tape includes a song that was released a few weeks prior, ‘New Fresh Flow’, a stylistic cover over G.O.O.D. Music’s ‘New God Flow’. Balancing a few popular industry beats with other heavier and more lyrically focused covers, Yungstar is truly able to display his dynamic talents as an artist through “Kool Aid N 2K”. The selection of songs on this particular tape is smaller than his previous releases, but that only defends his dedication to perfection when it comes to his music.

In addition to his personal mix tape release, July 4th will bring us the release of the “914ward”, both a mix tape and movement that identifies and personifies the sound and talent that originated, and still flows out of, the 914 Westchester region in New York. It will include a compilation of different independent artists who are in or from the 914, and Yungstar will DJ the tape himself. You can expect an organic and cohesive sound representing genuine music, genuine concepts, and genuine reality raps. 914ward is just that, a refreshingly unique concept in bringing together serious musicians who each contribute a different idea and sound and progressing forward with a positive image for what is to come out of Westchester County.

You can expect a video and single release for Yungstar 6’3’s future single, ‘Not Like Us’, within the next few weeks. He will also be making an appearance with Chuck Chillout in Boston next week for the King of the Mic tour alongside legendary artists like Public Enemy, Ice Cube, LL Cool J to name a few.

DOWNLOAD: Yungstar 6’3 – Kool-aid & 2k [mixtape]

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