Transcending the depths, John Q


John Q

Gainesville, FL


<Gainesville, FL> John Q manages to transcend the depths of both lyrical hip hop and beautiful music with his most recent project, “Welcome to the Darkside”. Set to be released July 4th, this tape is an orchestration of different style of instrumentals with intelligent and vivid lyricism from John Q and his features. Each track is unique yet universally relatable. John Q successfully uses “Welcome to the Darkside” to entice and engage the listener while relaying his unified message. With songs from ‘Astrotravelin (ft. Insight)’ to ‘I Come in Peace’, he brilliantly transports you to a different world where you are completely consumed by the visuals he paints with his rhymes. The introduction song, which the tape is named after, is a resonant example of the inspiration behind “Welcome to the Darkside”.

“…how [authority] can try to instill fear in my heart, or tell me I can’t do something, or I am a bad influence because I follow my own path…” – John Q on what inspired “Welcome to the Darkside”.

John Q is originally from Queens, New York but moved to Ocala, Florida early on in 1997. He grew up influenced by artists such as Bizzy Bone, Missy Elliot, Nas and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony. It wasn’t until 2006 where John would begin to explore music more personally as a rapper. Alongside some of his friends, he collaborated in a group known as the King Street StunnaBoys (K.S.B.). In 2009 John made a short relocation north to Gainesville, where he would focus on school. However, in May of 2011, John Q and is friends decided to make a collective effort towards an independent label, a group they call All My Homies, Inc (AMHInk). Over the course of his musical career John has released two mix tapes of his solo work and a third collaborative mix tape including local artists like T=H@tti and his own features. You can catch some of his music at and his featured videos on YouTube.


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