A tribute to J Dilla, T=H@tti & Lyriq – “Want it back”


Good Money Mafia presents the exclusive single “Want It Back” from T=H@tti and Lyriq’s upcoming tape ‘Our Portrait on the Wall’. The musical collaborators have released a beautiful tribute to Slum Village‘s famed J Dilla, and his production of Janet Jacksons single, ‘Got til it’s Gone’. Lyriq’s velvet vocals lead you into a story in a way that does true justice to the original track. Never disappointing, T=H@tti paints another elaborate mural in your mind with his colorful and playful lyrics. “Want It Back” is an excellent collaboration between two passionately talented artists, and an exciting foretaste for what is to come with ‘Our Portrait on the Wall’, which is expected to be released in the fall. The single can be downloaded on Sound Cloud and we can look forward to a music video for the single to be released in the upcoming month.

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