“Invest in yourself” Nick London – Hungry (Mixtape)

Hungry Hungry Track List
In todays music industry rappers can be easy to come by. What’s rare is to find a rapper with the mixture of raw talent and will to win like our featured artist, Nick London. In his most recent mixtape titled Hungry, he brings to the table a superior flow, which compliments his ability to stay on topic lyrically. He teamed up with other spittas, most notably Frayser Boy, to help diversify the tape and attract new listeners. Also, you’ll notice variety in the beats he chose to work with, as he murders tracks from producers Ripa, The Boomanauts, and others. Speaking of murder, check out his track labeled Casey Anthony, where he sends a clear message to his haters, exposing their issues in comparison to the controversial trial decision. Although he was born and raised in Miami, he was heavily influenced by NWA and other west-coast artists (more recently, Freddy Gibbs). This helps to explain his ability to draw the attention of listeners from all over the U.S, even other countries like Brazil, where he recently went on tour. Some advice from Nick to up-and-coming artists: “Invest in yourself, truly believe, and stay HUNGRY”. Keep up with Nick on Twitter @NickLondonTV or on Audiomack.com artist page NickLondonTv.

Mixtape Link:  http://www.audiomack.com/album/nick-london/hungry


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