We Distribute: Flyers, CD/DVD’s, Magazines, Posters, T-Shirts, Key Chains, Newsletters, & More

Street Marketing – The best way to reach an audience — especially a rebellious youthful one — is to do something out of the ordinary and beyond the expectations of advertising or promotion. Sometimes you just have to get down and dirty. GMM Promotions is out on the streets ‘sniping’ power boxes, trees and telephone polls with your street-level messaging. We’ll help you achieve the credibility and awareness that only non-traditional and guerrilla marketing can provide Services Include: Freeway overpass sniping Sticker Sniping Poster sniping Telephone pole sniping Creative, down and dirty, marketing


Hand-to-Hand – From kids in skate parks to high-end consumers at a Paul McCartney concert, GMM Promotions is handing out promotional materials to YOUR target audience. Allowing your audience to feel comfortable in their surroundings, our specialized teams of brand ambassadors create strong street credibility, peer recognition, and a personalized experience with each member of your target audience. This genuine form of advertising identifies your message as down-to-earth, creating credible buzz and awareness for your brand. GMM Promotions can also work with you to achieve the best prices for marketing collateral & design. Through over ten years of servicing clients and working with vendors, we can help you design and create your materials at a fraction of the price. Services Include: Record shops & Music Shops • Clothing Stores & Skate and Surf shops • Tattoo/Piercing Shops & Head Shops. Band Rehearsal Studios • Nightclubs • Bookstores • Any Place Hip!


Retail Placement– GMM will place your brand in all the key lifestyle stores in every major market, reaching your audience in the places they shop and the hangouts they frequent. We put posters up in windows, use postcards in stands, and leave CD samplers and stickers on store counters and set-up POP contests and giveaways. All of this, along with servicing employees with your message or product, increases your awareness with your audience. We can also check on your retail product to ensure it is fully stocked!

Services Include: Record shops & Musical instrument Shops Clothing stores & Skate and Surf shops Tattoo/Piercing Shops & Head Shops • Band Rehearsal Studios • Skate parks • Nightclubs Bookstores • Any Place Hip! School’s & Youth Placement———————

With representatives at colleges and universities across the nation, GMM gets you access to this major demographic in their “natural” environment where they spend the majority of their time. GMM can ensure your message is on every bulletin board, every windshield or in every student’s hands. GMM also reaches large audiences at school sponsored sporting events. If your brand needs to be at the big game, we’ll get you there.

Services Include: Hand-to-Hand distribution College sporting events high school sporting events Sampling on or near campus Sniping posters Car windshields

Custom Snipe Campaigns– Whole wall wild postings, college campus poster campaigns, specific community poster campaigns, street pole posters, sidewalk chalk art and stencils, street decal and street sticker advertising campaigns, and sniping campaigns that target specific consumers, music venues, nightclubs, lifestyle shops, and sporting events.

Product Awareness /Marketing Campaigns– This is for your band or company’s various services or products in order to create an identifiable brand to consumers and help your business or band to proceed to the next level of success. GMM Promotions can help you increase product visibility by distributing promotional items at music festivals, sporting events, and other high traffic areas.

 Artist Development– Through the distribution of flyers, posters, music samplers and other promotional items or merchandise, GMM Promotions can promote your record release to the “mass media” wheels.

 On-Line Promotions– This is really good for promoting your artist, business, and/or web site to increase attention to existing promotional efforts or to start an “on-line buzz” to create attention to your efforts. Promotional emails are sent to all relevant lifestyle on-line music media, message boards, music groups, and relevant links.



Use GMM-Media as a means to get their eye’s s on you’re amazing product or website!

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